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Part 2. Top 9 Free MP4 to AVI Converter to Convert MP4 to AVI Free Online

Please note that the processes on Mac and on Windows are the same. Here we take Mac for example. Batch conversion of MP4 files is supported.

Online video converter

You can add all of the video you want to convert at one go. Pick AVI under the Video section in the format tray. So you don't have to install program on your computer to process the video conversion. VLC media player is not only limited to video playback as it can also perform the function of converting.

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Step 1. Step 3.

How to convert a MP4 to a AVI file?

Select the video or videos to convert by using the Add button, you can select one or more MP4 files to be converted to AVI. Step 4. Select the file name for the video file that is to be converted in the Target file box , this also helps you to select the destination of the converted file. Step 5. If you want to watch the video on other devices especially mobile devices, you can also choose this in the optimized profile which has optimal settings for codec, resolution and framerate.

Step 6.

If you desire advanced stings, you can do this by using the tools icon menu with this, you can change the destination format setting to adjust itself. With this menu, you can have access to all advanced options such as special filters where you can optimize audio or video track while converting, you can also add subtitle and watermarks amongst others. Step 7. After doing all the necessary settings, proceed to convert by clicking on Start and the conversion begins. VLC media player will save the video n the selected format in the selected folder.

The conversion time depends on the length of your video, speed of your Mac or PC as well as the settings chosen. If you are doing batch conversion, you can view the conversion progress in the timeline while watching other videos. Freemake is a free video converter with no restriction and no need for sign up. You can convert videos, audio, as well as YouTube in an easy way. It has over input formats and its conversion process is very fast. Step 2. Choose the format by clicking AVI button on the format panel, you can also use the existing presets or create your own preset.

As previously mentioned, HandBrake is a free and open-source software implying that it's free to download. Once you have downloaded and installed the program from the web, you are ready to convert Mp4 files into AVI format.

Free DivX Video Software - Play, convert and cast video. Play DivX files.

Here's how to do so;. The second step is choosing the output format. Move to the General Video while you are still in the output profile category. Choose the destination folder. This is where the converted video files are stored in you PC's hard drive. Just click Destination button on the program make a selection. Fast Forward MPEG, commonly known as FFmpeg , is a program you can download for free and that it will allow you to convert files from one format to another format.

This can decrease the size of the original file. You can also record and stream audio and video files with it. Before starting the conversion process, download the FFmpeg program into your system. The first one is the simplest, but it may cause some loss of video quality such as pixelation issues in the output file. The second option is the one you should choose if you want a high quality AVI file even if the file will take up more space in your computer.

With any of the two methods, your AVI file is now ready to run.

Top 6 Best and Free AVI Converters for Mac

This web-based file conversion tool converts MP4 files to AVI files without having to install any software. Neither does it force malware, spyware, or surveys onto your PC. Simply choose the files you want to convert by selecting the URL or the file on your computer, and then choose the type of file you wish to convert to. It is that simple. Apowersoft is a powerful and versatile wed-based tool, which offers the ability to convert MP4 to AVI online without having to download additional applications on your PC.

Most online conversion sites set limits on the size of files you can convert, making this site an excellent option, particularly if you want to convert large files. With this site, you only need to import your files, select your preferred settings and start the conversion process.

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  • Youconvertit is another free online tool that is able to convert MP4 files to AVI files that are supported by a number of mainstream media players. Simply import your MP4 files to this convert and then click the "Convert It" button to begin the conversion. There are several videos that you will have to change the names so they would play in new formats. ClipConverter lets you download and convert files from many popular online sharing website, without requiring any piece of software to accomplish what you want.

    With ClipConverter, you have total control over the quality of the audio, video, output, volume as well as its length.

    How to Convert MP4 to AVI on Mac

    Also, it is easy to convert a section of your file. If you know nothing about bitrates, ClipConverter can suggest the best settings for you. Select the file you would like to convert by clicking on the drop-down arrow and click "Convert". Try Freemake to get AVI files of high quality and less file size. Supporting all modern codecs, this AVI converter preserves the original video quality.

    Why you should try the tool: 1. Add your MP4 files 3. Choose "to AVI" 4. Select settings for final video 5.

    How to Convert MP4 to AVI on Mac Quickly (Catalina Included)

    Facebook Twitter. The freeware from the official developers' webpage smoothly works on Windows Vista, Win 7 and higher OS versions. Double-click to run the installation file and follow the process step by step.

    • Part 2. Top 9 Free MP4 to AVI Converter to Convert MP4 to AVI Free Online.
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    • First of all, choose the language that you want to use in the program. The read and accept Licence Agreement and click the "Next" button. Now select the installation type Full or Custom and again click "Next" to get the software on your PC. The AVI Converter starts automatically. If you deselect this option, you may find Freemake software icon on a desktop and run it when you are ready to turn MP4 clips to AVI format. You can insert the selected video clips one after another or add multiple videos at once.

      You may change your file length or orientation before conversion.

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