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Our computers are faster which saves you valuable time and money… record audio better, faster! Slick Audio has the PC, DAW software, plugins, recording studio gear, microphone pre-amps, signal processors, digital audio interfaces, mixers, and control surfaces for you. We are also a dealer for many different interfaces, control surfaces, microphones, and software. If you have the option to invest in quality tools for audiogeek jobs, Slick audio has provided me the most hassle-free month of audiogeekery thus far in my career.

I expect this machine to last me years. Highly recommended.

Mac Vs. PC for your DAW??

Loving the Slick laptop thus far. I dove right into an album mix project on it, and so far, not once, have I had to think about the computer.

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Top 10 Best Computers for Music Production and Recording

Slick Audio offers simply the best audio recording PCs on the planet! What Our Clients Say. The navigation system is more fluent, unified and optimized for workflow. Mac OS always takes the prize in the usability department and for music producers, this enhances production and keeps work across multiple apps smooth and seamless. On Mac OS, the file system is more logical, clear and simpler to use.

Apps are easily installed and uninstalled and they generally use less memory. From an audio-production perspective, this applies particularly to locating installed plugins, as well as loops and samples.

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On Macs, plugins can be found in individual folders which are separated by type. Windows can awkwardly throw your plugins across multiple locations. That means less chance of hardware failure with long-term use — most Mac users agree that a Macbook or iMac can go on and on and on for years without replacement or reinstallation of the OS. Avoiding pesky errors and crashes free up valuable minutes that can add up to hours of music production time.

Having a crash-proof system is an incredibly important asset for a music workstation. Macs use drivers under the name CoreAudio. This centralized set of audio drivers keeps everything in one place so you can easily configure and switch between devices. CoreAudio has been precisely programmed for pro sound control within Macs — it really is awesome. Plug and play! Most Macs come with Thunderbolt ports which are far superior to FireWire and are used commonly for more powerful audio interfaces.

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  5. For the price of a Mac, you could grab a top Windows PC and shed loads of extra peripherals or even an audio interface and monitor speakers! Macs are often incredibly hard to upgrade, offering very little byways of expandability. That means that the pressure is on to buy a top-spec Mac right from the very start. FireWire interfaces have largely been overtaken by USB 3. Whilst Macs generally last longer than Windows PCs, they are not free from catastrophic failure.

    Also, many users report catastrophic issues when upgrading their Mac to a newer OS. However, Macs are built and tuned for creatives. Windows comes equipped with over 3 decades of development, a larger market share and a much, much wider set of compatible software. Windows PCs are much, much more cost effective and you can get your hands on some truly beastly machines for a fraction of a cost of a decent spec Mac. The same applies when comparing Windows laptops vs MacBooks. Windows PCs are also easier to upgrade as your needs grow and are often more easily fixed in the event of a problem.

    Mac vs. PC: The Pros and Cons |

    Need more RAM? Simply slot it in, need a better GPU? No problem…. For years and years, coders would make Windows their go-to platform for creating audio plugins and the huge volume of VSTs available online are not always compatible with OS, not without the use of a wrapper.

    Best Computer for Music Production - MAC vs PC

    There are literally hundreds of thousands of VSTs available for Windows and many of them are absolutely free like these free VST autotune plugins.

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