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It serves an excellent second purpose that if you're doing something say, ssh'ed into a remote server and your connection goes away, everything you were doing inside screen continues to run, or everything you have done remains there in context until you reconnect to the server and resume screen.

This of course works locally. Be forewarned this is a VERY extreme example. If you're running screen, and terminal crashes, nothing happens to screen. It's all still there to reconnect to when you re-open Terminal and reconnect to it. The only thing screen doesn't do is survive a reboot go figure. It'll take a little bit of learning to get used to it the man page is VERY big , but I absolutely swear by screen.

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I am sure the OP gave up on this page long ago, but in case future readers who stumble on this page are daunted by your suggestions valid though they are , I though this very simple fix would be useful. This is a little complicated - the full details are far too involved to go into right here. By default, I don't think bash itself terminates its backgrounded children, when you exit bash by typing control-D or exit. That is, it does not terminate its children on my system, but I've long forgotten if that was something I configured myself, or the default behavior.

I think it's default behaviour though - pretty sure.

However, from just testing now, it appears that if you click the red "close" button, Terminal itself terminates bash AND its children for you. So the simple solution might be to close your shell by typing "exit" or control-D instead of clicking the close button.

What actually happens when you click the red "close" button is that the system sends a TERM exit signal to the shell - and when bash receives a TERM signal, it sends a TERM to all of its children before it exits itself. However when you terminate bash by typing "exit" or control-D, it doesn't send a TERM to its children. Whether bash does or not is definitely configurable. There's a lot I'm not explaining here but as you can see it would run into pages and pages and pages if I tried to explain it all here now!

If you read a few man pages particularly of bash and do a bit of testing you should be able to get it to do what you want. The parentheses request the creation of a subshell which becomes the parent process for the program you run. You can verify this works as follows. Authored by: mark hunte on Oct 03, '08 AM That does not work mh. Does for me, exactly as I described. If it doesn't for you, then you are doing something different.

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I started the music with the command as I described, and the proceeded to completely quit terminal. The music happily continued playing. It works. Authored by: tommybarbour on Oct 03, '08 AM it does work.

Mac OS X Lion

This means that your library is for the wrong architecture. You can find the file on another mac that has the right one and copy it over I had to do that for one of my iMacs, which had the OS pre-installed by Apple. Here's an applescript way If only this would work with a stream URL Anyone know of a command line alternative for that? You can also chain several songs together by repeating the afplay command after a semicolon: afplay music. I'm not a terminal geek so i had to fart around with this a bit to get it, but if I simply copy a file in the Finder then paste it after the afplay command or simply drag it into the terminal the path formatting will stay intact.

So, that's probably the easiest thing to do for most people if they are getting file not found errors.

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You should put one ampersand at the end. Even more interesting to me is "afconvert", a front end to the various codecs supported by QuickTime. This is awesome! Now I can play them music in the AM!! There is also the "afinfo" command - gives you all the details on a sound file.

Choose the Right Audio Device

Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. OS X This is very useful if you want to play a sound file from the command line, shell script, Automator action, etc.

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If any one is interested, Apple also provides the source code for this application with the Xcode developer tools. There are a few interesting options, including the ability to play a defined in time segment of a file, and to play a file to a defined audio output device.

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  6. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Play Audio in Background? Do you have a fix for this? Screen Shot at Yes this is a new MacBook Pro , Yes it still has a physical mini headphone jack. Audacity is not recognizing the normal setting of "Built-in Line In" in the preference tab, yet its still an option within Mac preferences. I have tested this in 4 different versions of Mac OS as well as Audacity the recent 2.

    Command Line MP3 Player in Mac OS X

    Here is a screen shot. There are only two versions of Stereo Line-In. On the larger and older MacBook Pros and current Mini , it looked like this. The only other option is the 13" MBP which only had room for one hole. You could do both jobs one at a time and you had to manually switch in System Preferences.

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