External cd dvd drive for mac g5

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Thankfully, the people who design these things are smart, and the holes for the mounting screws are offset from the front of the drive, not the back—so they lined up perfectly betewen the two drives.

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I moved the mounting screws to the new unit and gave it a quick test fit to be sure no issues. With the bezel off the new drive, I took both the faceplate and the aluminum shielding from the old drive and put them on the new one. With these parts in place, the new drive now looked like this:. At this point, it was time to put the drive into the machine and see what happened. I transferred the cables from the old drive, including the sticky tape that helps hold the connector cable in a degree bend on the top of the drive.

When I went to install the drive, this was actually the cause of the only minor issue I had: because the drive is shorter, the degree bend put the cable at the wrong spot to fit through the hole in the mounting bay which you need to route it through to connect it to the motherboard. After a bit of prying, though, I got the cable in place and connected. I then buttoned the machine back up, hit the power switch, and then waited to see if the surgery was successful. After power up, I ran System Profiler to see what it saw for my new drive.

Specifically, drutil info returned this:. But how well would it work? To test the drive, I set about reading from and writing to a variety of media I had lying around the office. However, despite the mixed results, every single result is notably faster than it would have been with my old drive.

Most importantly, dual-layer burning and reading worked perfectly, which was my main reason for upgrading. For my reading speed tests, I picked a few discs out of my collection, pretty much at random. The results were interesting: the structure of the files and folders on a disc has much more to do with the speed of copying than does the amount of data, as you can see in the results below.

Tests were run on a Dual 2. The size and file count figures were as calculated by Xray. My speeds varied from a low of 10x to a high of 28x, against a theoretical maximum of 48x. The slower speeds came from CDs with lots of files and folders, even though they were of a similar size as the faster CDs.

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The Finder apparently adds quite a bit of overhead, for simply copying that same CD to the Desktop required 34x , which is more time than it took to read and convert the files in iTunes. Very strange.

PowerMac G5, how to boot from USB

The results here were more consistent, varying between 8x and 10x for the DVDs—except for the movie, which came in at 4x. For the final round of tests, I burned a variety of data using iTunes or the Finder, depending on what media I was testing. Perhaps things will change with Leopard. As with anything that involves modifying your hardware, however, be aware that something could always go wrong.

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Back up your data first, remember to ground yourself before opening the case, and take your time. Step one is to choose your distribution. Ubuntu Linux has a simple numbering scheme for its versions.


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Version You can download PowerPC distros prior to version Anything before G5 can only use a bit Linux. Starting with version That was also the biggest reason I had problems. I do, however, have a few 8 GB and larger USB flash drives, and there are plenty of instructions online for properly formatting the flash drive and getting the bootable ISO installed. And none of them worked on my Power Mac G5.

I would spend hours trying this, that, and the other thing. Formatting the flash drive was the easy part; installing the ISO and creating a bootable system stumped me.

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The only method I found that worked for creating a bootable USB flash drive with Lubuntu on it required me to use Etcher , a freeware app that takes an ISO and creates a bootable flash drive from it. I had to use one of my Macs with OS X In other words, you need a fairly modern Mac to create the bootable flash drive you need to launch Linux on PowerPC Macs.

Etcher dutifully imaged the ISO file to the flash drive. Start your Mac, hold down the C key, and it will boot from whatever is in your optical drive. On most Macs, if you hold down the Option key marked Opt on some Mac keyboards, Alt on Windows keyboard at startup, your Mac will present you with all the bootable options on your computer.

But no matter what I did, the USB thumb drive never showed up as an option. Whatever the reason, my last generation Power Mac G5 will only boot from the flash drive if I startup in Open Firmware. Hold down Cmd, Opt, O, and F at startup and hold them down until text appears on the upper left corner of your display.

Launch OF.

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That can take a while, as OF tests all your system memory every time you launch it. Just hold those 4 keys down until OF tells you to let go of them.

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That worked perfectly with my Late Power Mac G5, but it would not work with my older 2. If you have more than one bootable device, type devalias at the prompt, hit Return , and you will see a lengthy list of devices like this.

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That was a bit of a rabbit trail for me. But that only worked on one of my Power Mac G5s. The other three I tried simply would not boot from the flash drive. This was an exercise in frustration! Once I saw that Lubuntu ran decently on my ancient Power Mac G5 Dual, I knew that I wanted to install it on a hard drive so it would boot more quickly and allow me to add more software.


I really appreciate the concise, thorough, helpful explanations of what each choice means. Ubuntu knows that we are interested in making informed decisions and that it needs to educate us through the process. Or so it seemed. Then it wanted to upgrade from How can I remove Okay, I should have just started with the Lubuntu I wanted you to understand the frustration of trying to do things with a USB flash drive before telling you to bite the bullet and burn a DVD-R disk with the distro of your choosing.

external cd dvd drive for mac g5 External cd dvd drive for mac g5
external cd dvd drive for mac g5 External cd dvd drive for mac g5
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external cd dvd drive for mac g5 External cd dvd drive for mac g5
External cd dvd drive for mac g5

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