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Thanks in advance! Has that been squared away? Best of luck! I installed the recovery and immediately pull the batt as i have the newer software installed.

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Phone rebooted and the recovery was overwritten. Is there a permanent way to have the CWM recovery in phones having the newer software?? W:Unable to get recovery. No this does not, for Sprint, I suggest you use Windows, heimdall does not support U. So I used Odin3 on my windows to install the ClockWorkmod on my phone.

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What should I do? Any suggestions? You are in stock recovery, the newer software version overwrite the stock recovery. So I need to install the clockworkmod on my phone again using Odin3?

Thanks so much, your the best! Reboot into CWM Recovery using the buttons and it should work fine. If the description is still relevant? Any ideas?

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I am unable to find odin in mac? Do i need to do it using a windows pc? The only ptoblem i m facing is that m not getting the clockworkmod recovery as it appears in the video because i had gone for an update earlier. HI, Max , i was migrate from iphone after using it for 3 years , And have successfully rooted my sgs3 using mac and your instruction above in first attempt..

I have one problem though, I have received an OTA update today, and, after downloading, the device reboots in ClockworkMod giving errors, instead of actually updating itself. So, what I wanted to ask is this sorry for my little experience, this was my first rooting, ever :. The reason I rooted my phone is to have total control of filesystem and install Linux on it so I can add BT mouse, BT keyboard, video out, and transform it into a full computer.

And also there are a many droid apps and scripts I like, that either require root access or a command line. Other than that I am satisfied with stock ROMs for now!

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This is just my opinion of course.. So, have I understood the process exactly? In my opinion this is still safer, because you flash only the recovery partition, over and over with the same trusted image, you do not flash the main OS with new and different ROMs of untrusted sources every time. If someone wants to take control of thousands of devices at one time, publishing a hacked ROM, you are safe. If a broken ROM starts circulating on the web, you are safe. And still root. What do I flash inside the recovery partition?

Yes it is possible, you need to unroot then take OTA. Yes, if you have custome rom with ato Latest firmware upgread xxlfb.. The only reson i want that in my rooted phone is , i like nnew keyboard and As per my friend noticed it has improved battry lifeto his phone. I have gone through many other vebsite where i could find, The way but that all can.

So yes there is a custome rom available which i can download from other website which has method for windows user but how can i install it on rooted phone Using mac? For windows user , they can easily do it using odin as per my friend told me So dont we have simmilar thing for mac users..?? Sorry about my little knowlodge. Hello Max, I followed the whole process and everything worked great till i had to install the the SU and then noticed that i was still using the 3e recovery mode.

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I am running the 4. Please Help!! I typed in the 3 commands to fix the error but i still get the error when flashing … any clue why? Thanks again. Hi, i just rooted my S3 this afternoon. So anyway i carried on to Step Instead it goes to a similar screen with the text in blue. So can you help me? By the way you have to use Heimdall again doing exactly the same steps but check no reboot in option. This guide does not work anymore. Can you update it?

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Same files, Heimdall 1. Previously i read a FAQ somewhere and it says that usually we will be able to flash a rooted updated firmware. Question is where do i get it? Hi, it almost worked fine. After heimdall finishes flashing, take the battery out immediately then in, then boot straight into CWM Recovery by holding down Volume Up, Center, and Power also very quickly.

I dont have a windows system I have a mac with mountain lion installed, will I brick my phone if I choose to root with this instructions mentioned on this post…? Try flashing again in Heimdall, as soon as done flashing, hold down Volume Up and Center Home button for 10 seconds, you will be in ClockworkMod Recovery. Does this root method work with the sprint version? What does that exactly mean? Is there a newer version of the phone that has been released since these instructions that will not root through them?

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  5. In the terminal stage. I copied and pasted 1st line and then asked me for my password but when i type nothing comes up. I just pressed enter and it says sorry, try again. Plz help. I have tried to do the recommended maneuver pull out the battery in odin mode without success. Cuz this is the only tutorial on how to root using a mac.

    I only see a reference to i I have rooted an Atrix2 with success, so I understand the details are very important. I would like to know if I could do the same thing with dr S3, the same simple terminal commands. Thanks for the article.

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