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So let us start off with. The older style makes sense for these two factions as the Banished and the Spirit of Fire are using older gear and modifying them with what they can scavenge.

If you are like me, you appreciate it as these designs just feel more like Halo. In terms of the level designs, all of the levels in the Halo Wars 2 Campaign look like normal Campaign levels, from say like Halo 3, but greatly enlarged for the RTS experience. This is the case most of the time as there are specialized units that counteract other units and break this mold. Some examples would be Wolverines, armored vehicles which generally get destroyed by air units, but in this case, Wolverines are extremely effective at killing air units.

Then, of course, you got Leaders who have special units and powers that make each one feel more unique and adds more of a variety of play styles to the game. An opposing leader who benefits more from harassment tactics is the Shipmaster who has access to cloaked units who can harass well and recall units.


Before we move one to the Leaders one game mechanic I should go over the Veterancy mechanic , which now applies to all units and allows a unit participating in combat to grows in strength. Most of these characters are present in the campaign or are DLC Leaders. The following are his abilities. This Gives Cutter an edge in early game map presence being able to relocate infantry units quickly as well as harass and control map objectives like power generators.

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While Lotus Mines gives him the ability to defend some of these positions or your base more effectively. Cutters first Tier 2 ability promotes good micro, as the longer a unit is alive and in combat will increase the units potency. So Individuals who have great micro can keep units for long periods time this benefits them will.

The McDonalds Rap Halo 3

The second ability Restoration Drones complements the last ability as well as being a great tool in a fight as healer units are aerial units that can only heal one target at a time. Archer Missiles is a great ability for large fights as it softens up the enemy. ODST Drop is just a nice way to quickly get some strong infantry to where ever you need fast whether it be your main army or just at a map of objective being contested.

The Tier 4 of the abilities are similar in function to the Tier 3 but offers a bit more on the end of anti-vehicle with the Cyclops. Being able to construct Vehicles at a faster not only but buff them with shields, health, and temporarily increasing the armor of all units. Mix in some variety of units to support the vehicles and her hero unit Alice you got a powerful army.

This interesting as you can effectively double the size of your army on the spot, but have the holograms in the front to take the brunt of the damage. Anders has a bit of a theme to her as most of her abilities are Sentinal based either calling in Sentinals Protector Sentinels or Aggressor Sentinels both air units but different in functionality, the sentinels are also a unique unit to Anders.

The Protector Sentinels are larger sentinels who have the ability to disable vehicles for a short time period. Anders can build these at air pads once she gets the leader power Protector Sentinel. The Second type is aggressor sentinels who have no special attacks, can not be built and are summoned through Ark Defense where they swarm an area and deal damage to units in the area.

Just my opinion.

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I find it very ironic that Halo fans always get a bad rap for being immature, yet they are always the ones here bringing the sensible arguements against the massive stream of "lol, Halo sucks". Meh, I still like both. For a while, I might not play any Halo, but I'll probably jump into it a bit in a couple weeks. They're both completely different experiences to me. What the hell is " obs e lete "?

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Why is halo, in general, now obs e lete? I am just stretching it to include Halo. What do you mean by fanboys, both games are on the xbox , and nobody on the ps3 cares about shooters. Not that much anyways.

Halo is obselete!!!

What a revolution!!! OK let me try So therefore Taco Bell is a piece of shit and McDonalds is better!!!! Big Macs shit all over cruch wrap supremes!!! I don't think it is. I look for very different things from both games. Mw2 is more fun cuz of weapon variety and kill streaks. Halo is way more skill based than mw2. So Halo still has an audience that will go for skill vs weapon variety.

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Halo Master Chief Collection Releases On Xbox Game Pass This September

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