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Step Two: Enable The Hotkey Window

Please help me, I want to use something like Alfoat, to keep windows on top, how can I achieve this? Posted on Feb 16, AM. Page content loaded.

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Feb 16, AM in response to leonyannik In response to leonyannik. I'm not aware of any replacement for Afloat. Feb 16, AM.

Work with Terminal windows and tabs

Feb 16, AM in response to dialabrain In response to dialabrain. The thing is that sometimes I need to have a full desk window and for a brief moment compare, copy, read, interact with a small window, let's say notes and keeping on top of the full desk app. You may not be able to do exactly what you want to do. Split View would allow you to compare and interact with two apps side by side. Really appreciate your time, but again IMHO this would be a super nice implementation or app, split view is kind of usles with big screen and multiple windows that you want in the same desk not in different spaces.

Feb 16, PM in response to leonyannik In response to leonyannik. Actually you keep changing the target and I'm not really into trying to chase it.

How to Keep Your Application Window “Always on Top” in Mac

You can have multiple apps in one screen using an app like Magnet. Feb 16, PM. Feb 16, PM in response to dialabrain In response to dialabrain. Thanks for letting me know you don't know of any like that, every thing else is changing the target. Question: Q: Keep window on top More Less. Communities Contact Support. Unfortunately, Xcode 9 removed this feature in the iOS Simulator. Please duplicate my Apple bug report to bring that back, as well!

If you are looking to do this just for a say an internet browser window you could look at the open source Helium app.

It's free, and you can also download the source and compile your own version if you want. It's basically an internet browser that always floats above all other windows. So you now have two different apps to choose from.

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  7. As of MacOS It's no longer open source, but the last open source implementation is still available on GitHub. So if you're inclined to, you could investigate exactly how it's achieved. I emailed the developer to ask, but it's been so long since they worked on it, they couldn't or wouldn't? I use it to play videos window in window while I work or to keep online instructions on top. Not sure what you want to use it for?

    Top 11 Terminal Command Tricks for Mac That You Should Know

    There is a free app called Key Codes in the Mac App Store that as far as I can tell stays on top of all other windows. Not really an answer but more like a work-around: you can use Spectacle or a similar app to quickly setup a desktop layout that let you follow the original window. Of course this won't help when you're waiting for someone else to join a support chat and in the meanwhile decide to use your time for something more useful than staring at a blank window -- like working on another virtual desktop :.

    If you're looking to watch video while you browse or use other applications, you can use the Picture-in-Picture Extension by Google for Chrome. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

    Any nice, stable ways to keep a window 'Always on top' on the Mac? Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 8 months ago.

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    Active 1 month ago. Viewed k times. I am looking for a stable way to keep any window 'always on top' on OSX. Wilfred Hughes 4 4 bronze badges. Himanshu P Himanshu P 1, 4 4 gold badges 21 21 silver badges 34 34 bronze badges. Usually it means that you'r trying to solve a problem the wrong way, or an app you use is badly written and doesn't do what it needs to do. Actual solutions will either need a better explanation of the problem, or a programmer to fix the app.

    To let the user set their window-of-choice to always be on top of other windows might cause undesired and unexpected behavior. The screen saver is also just a window - do you want to float above that? What about important alerts? What if two apps demand to be always-on-top? You could theoretically DoS a user by putting your full-screen app on top and logging them out. This is why there is no 'always-on-top' property in Cocoa.

    One can only specify a relative Z index and Apple urges against doing that. J Jan 29 '16 at Are you looking to do this for any application in the Mac OS? If so, do you want it to always have focus meaning key presses and mouse click , or do you want the window of an app to "float above" all others, but NOT be the active window? It just isn't in OSX when it could be put in.

    What Is the Command Line?

    John Keates - Unfortunately you don't know what you're talking about. Xcode did this very behavior with their Simulator, keeping it in front of all other windows, and this behavior existed for many years until they finally removed it in Xcode 9. Might be worth opening a radar, especially for adding to Terminal. What is this iOS simulator?

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    Is it like an emulator? I have been looking for one.

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